Being cool is an inside job.

-Mister Cool

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Mister Cool

*Named an anti-bullying book by Publisher’s Weekly!

Coolness? Mister Cool has it. His secret relies on confidence when bullies get in his face.

Blossom Plays Possum 

*2017 release

Blossom likes to play possum when she’s shy. But that doesn’t help her win any popularity contests.

Unofficial Harry Potter Insults Handbook

*As featured on Buzzfeed’s “31 Magical Stocking Stuffers for Every Harry Potter Fan”

Got a Slytherin bully on your back? These 101 insults will have them shouting, “Accio Mercy!”

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Birdy Love

What Birdy did for our students was priceless! Who knows who the next Birdy Jones will be because she took the time to connect with them as an author. They were honored and so were we!

Frankie Harris - Literacy Supervisor

Blue Creek Elementary School

With it’s vibrant colors, diary doodles and bold confidence, Mister Cool is a cool read for cool kids!

Tara Lazar

Author of "The Monstore"

From the very first page of Mister Cool I giggled, chortled, and may have even snort laughed. And the last page? A big “Awww!” bubbled up and spilled out. Mister Cool is cooler than cool and I want to be like him when I grow up.

Donna Earnhardt

Author of "Being Frank"

Mister Cool is such a delight. It’s inventive and playful, while still managing to pack a beautiful, but never didactic, message of inner-confidence. This fun book has encouraged me to find my own inner cool and I’m certain will do the same for many children!

Jasmine Warga

Author of "My Heart and Other Black Holes"

Unique, unexpected, and always charming, Mister Cool doesn’t hide his idiosyncrasies. This fresh look on celebrating our own individuality will certainly resonate with children who may sometimes feel like they are on the outside looking in — which is to say, all children, and likely some adults as well!

Sudipta Bardhan-Quallen

Author of "Duck, Duck, Moose" and many others

The Stuff You Came Here For!

Author Spotlight – Jorey Hurley!

Jorey Hurley writes picture books that help kids learn to read small, simple words paired with GORGEOUS art. I particularly love the bold colors of the graphic design and the action words that are called to attention. The illos have a very cool 60’s art vibe! Hop,...

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day To Ya!

I hope you find me pot of gold! Just some Birdy-Love to let you know I'm thinking of you and wishing lots o' good fortune to your family this year! Of course, I wouldn't be me if I didn't drop a few lucky book recommendations: 1. The Luckiest St. Patrick's Day Ever!...

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A Story of Mystery, Revenge and…POO!

March Fiction and Activity Guide for "The Story of the Little Mole in Search of Whodunit" by Werner Holzwarth I’ve never heard my two year old laugh so hard. “SWUSH DUP-DUP! Did you do this on my head?” The little mole accusingly asks several animals if they were the...

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