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I’ve got an amazing non-fiction rec for you this month. If you love music, recycling, morals, tribe-mentality, teamwork and everything good on this earth, this book is for you and your littles! (And the activity guide will have you on all the high notes)…

Ada’s Violin: The Story of the Recycled Orchestra of Paraguay
By Susan Hood
Art: Sally Wern Comport

Ada lives in Paraguay in a village on a landfill. She digs through the trash with her neighbors to find objects they can recycle to earn a few cents. Ada’s family loves music, even though they live in a town of trash.

One day, she sees a sign for music lessons and decides to attend. But there are only 5 instruments and 10 students. The music teacher realizes that he will need to get more instruments so he can teach all of the students who want to learn.

But how in the world will he ever afford instruments like guitars and violins, when ONE would cost more than the homes of the students in the village?

Then he gets a great idea: to reuse the trash to make the instruments for the kids!
It would take a lot of creativity and the help of a local carpenter, but he had all the resources he needed right in front of him!

Because of all of their passion for music (and other beautiful lessons built-in), THE RECYCLED ORCHESTRA is formed!

This story teaches kids how one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Ada finds her love in a violin while others play guitars, cellos and flutes.

A powerful lesson involving the love of music, teamwork, and resourcefulness, your kids will appreciate how the villagers in Paraguay make awesome music from trash instruments to have a profound impact on everyone’s lives.

This one is not to be missed! Get your copy HERE.

ACTIVITY GUIDE for Ada’s Violin:
Click here for your activity guide! 

Much Love & Reading,
Birdy Jones