Let’s talk about ART baby!

Artist Spotlight: Ed Young

Hi-ho Book Buddy!

I wanted to try something a little different this month. Usually, I do an “Author Spotlight” and I realized I’m leaving something VERY important out…THE ART!

The illustrations in a picture book is 50% of the story. Without the pictures, you don’t have a picture book. Without the pictures, you don’t have a story in this genre. It’s so important. This is why I’ll be shifting your attention to some of the AH-MAZING artwork that you can find in children’s lit. If you’re like me, the visuals are what make you check out (or buy) the book most of the time!

We’re going to showcase Ed Young this month. Not only did he write “The Cat From Hunger Mountain,” he illustrated it as well.
It’s so visually stunning that is was named one of The New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books of 2016, and deservedly so!

I hope you enjoy this unique, edgy, and beautiful artwork. And I hope it inspires you to buy the book HERE, because the story is just as gorgeous as the art.

Enjoy this eye candy today: