Hi-Ho Book Buddy!

Oh yummy, yum! The reason I love picture books SO MUCH is because you get art as well as story. ART, PEOPLE! And I’m so excited because I tripped over this beautiful gem last week. Now it’s your Artist to Know.
Sleep Like a Tiger illustrated by Pamela Zagarenski and written by Mary Logue.

Just look at these illustrations. It’s like Gustav Klimt decided to become a whimsical, dream-like picture book artist:

I know, right! GORGEOUS!
Sleep Like A Tiger is about a little girl who doesn’t want to go to sleep, so she asks her parents if other types of animals sleep. We’re whisked away through the beautiful illustrations that will lull your child into a peaceful (and fanciful) dreamlike state. Sleep is a beautiful thing, especially if you have a kiddo who likes to resist the bliss!

This book has rightfully won the 2013 Randolph Caldecott Honor Award. That’s the award for prestigious images in children’s stories. So head over to your local library and get this beautiful book, or click HERE to buy it. It definitely belongs on your bookshelf.

Now that everyone’s eyeballs are delighted, let’s get to some activity-time!

Activity for Sleep Like A Tiger: 
Let’s cut out and color a sweet, sleeping fox. Download the PDF HERE. 
Next, talk to your kids about different animals and how they sleep. Every living animal must take time to sleep. A horse locks out its knees and sleeps standing up! A sea otter floats on its back. Leopards can sleep on a tree limb without falling off! Remember to use rich language when discussing this topic with your child. Don’t edit your vocabulary!

Use this article link to gather more ideas and to WATCH a video of resting animals:

Happy reading and nighty-night!

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