This holiday seems to be all about the birds, so here is EDWARD THE EMU by Sheena Knowles. Illustrated by the marvelous Rod Clement.

Edward is bored with being himself. When he hears visitors say their favorite animal, Edward decides he wants to be that animal too! For an entire day he becomes a seal, then a lion, then a snake. When a guest finally says the emus are the best, Edward is in for a big surprise when he gets back to his home!

The close-up illustrations are bold, detailed and really add a sense of humor as Edward pretends to be something he’s not. And if you love this book, check out Sheena Knowles other emu book, Edwina the Emu. 
They are both charming and delightful and will have your kids smitten with the world’s second largest bird in no time!

If you’re the visual type, here’s the video of Edward the Emu.
But I encourage you to support your local library and check it out.
Or buy a copy for your bookshelf here.

Happy Emu — err…Turkey Day!

Activity Guides for Edward the Emu

Paper Plate Emu:
Make a paper plate emu like the one shown HERE.
All you need are:
Paper plates
Construction paper for legs
Glue Stick
Tissue paper (optional)
Cut the paper plate into a cloud shape for the emu’s body. Cut out a head. Cut construction paper into thin, long rectangles for the neck and legs. Glue the head to the neck. Glue the neck to the paper plate body. Glue the legs to the back of the paper plate body.  Decorate your emu with the markers. Glue on colored tissue paper or decorate any way you’d like!

Or if you have a small child at home, they can color in the emu on this worksheet with crayons or markers!

But I’m not done yet, let’s get comprehensive. This worksheet will have your child thinking deeper about the context of the story and will develop critical thinking skills.

Hope your hearts and tummies are always full of happiness!

Happy Reading,