Hi-Ho Book Buddy!


I just love Halloween. The costumes, the trickery, the treats, the music and movies (can I get a hi-five that it’s time to watch Hocus Pocus again?!)

Halloween should be spooky, but it should also be…silly! GOODNIGHT GOON: A Petrifying Parody by Michael Rex, is a halloweeny alternative to Goodnight Moon that your kids will recognize, while being delightfully entertained. It’s super cartoony, matches the pacing and structure of the original classic, but also offers a big dose of Halloween without all the horror. Sure, there are images of monsters and skeletons and bats, but they are campy images that can’t be taken too seriously.

With that being said, EVERY CHILD IS DIFFERENT, especially when it comes to scary stuff, so please watch the youtube video below to determine whether this book is appropriate for your little ones. Watch here.

This book helped my son learn some of the fun Halloween creatures like vampire, werewolf, witch, Frankenstein’s Monster, and of course, goon!

Have a fun and safe holiday, everyone! I hope you all get lots of treats and very little tricks!

Activity Guide for Goodnight Goon:
What is the same about Goodnight Goon vs. Goodnight Moon and what are the differences? This will help your child with reading comprehension as well as distinguishing matches and mismatches. Download the circle chart HERE.

Happy Reading!