Hi-Ho Book Buddy!

This month we’re starting off kooky with “It’s Only Stanley” by Jon Agee. 
Now, I don’t know if you’ve been following Mr. Agee’s books, but they are AH-MAZE-ING! He has a way of twisting the absurd into heartwarming tales. It’s like watching Weird Science where you’re like, “What is going on???” But then you find yourself smiling as you take the journey.

It’s Only Stanley is about a family that just wants a little shut-eye but their dog, Stanley, keeps doing weird stuff that keeps them awake. What is he up to? Why is he acting so strange? Why does the family cat, Max, keep getting the brunt of Stanley’s episodes? (Add bizarre techo-music here). The ending is totally not what you expect!

I really dig Mr. Agee’s illustration style, too. It’s simple, bold, and he’s not afraid to let the pictures tell you the rest of the story.
This is a perfect rhyming read-aloud for fans of the little strange.

This book has been recognized by all the bigs:

Booklist Editor’s Choice 2015
Washington Post Best of 2015
Miami Herald Best Books of 2015
Kansas City Star Best Books of 2015
Huffington Post Best Picture Books of 2015
News Tribune Best Books of 2015
News Observer Best Books of 2015
Boston Globe-Horn Book Honor Book
The 2016 Irma Black Award
Junior Library Guild Selection

So head to your library or HERE to see what the heck Stanley is up to at all hours of the night! And head over to Jon Agee’s website to learn more about his works. You won’t be sorry!

And now we are gonna get ALL UP IN SCIENCE with this next activity that will have your kids remembering Stanley’s shenanigans!

Activity for It’s Only Stanley:

Let’s make our own rocket-ship toy out of cardboard!
Click HERE for the full details and pictures of how your rocket ship should look.

Here’s the materials you will need:


  • Cardboard box
  • Scissors
  • String
  • Paint and paint brushes
  • Mod Podge and brush (to protect your paint job)
  • Packing tape
  • Straw

This was a really quick and simple toy to make.
1.  Cut out your spaceship, moon, and two small rectangular stopper pieces out of cardboard.
2.  Paint your spaceship and moon.
3.  Once the paint dries, protect your paint job with Mod Podge.
4.  Cut your straw in half.  Tape it to the back of your spaceship.
5.  Fold your long piece of string in half.  Tape the middle of the string to the back of your moon.  Then, string your two strands through the two straws.  Tape the ends of  string to your cardboard rectangles so that the spaceship doesn’t fall off.

Happy Reading!

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