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Non-Fiction Review & Guide: The Iridescence of Birds by Patricia MacLachlan. Pictures by Hadley Hooper

Hi-ho Book Buddy!

Time for a little non-fiction action on your reading list! “The Iridescence of Birds”is such a beautiful book about the artist Henri Matisse. The text is stream-of-consciousness and reads like a poem, going from thought to thought, while painting the picture (pun intended) of Henri’s childhood and why, perhaps, he became the artist we all know and love.

Interestingly enough, the illustrator used an art technique that Matisse himself used! The cut-outs you see on the page were a throwback to Matisse’s cut-out art, which was very popular at the time.

Fun fact: Matisse apparently loved pigeons, and when he died, he left his pet pigeons to his good buddy: Pablo Picasso! The iridescence of birds was definitely in Matisse’s life every single day.

I loved this book because it’s simple, yet beautiful. It’s a perfect example of how picture books can tell a whole life story with only a few words. Not to mention, the illustrations are so reminiscent of Matisse, it’s as if he had done it himself!

You can purchase this book HERE or get it from your local library for free!

Perfect book for that little painter, drawer, or craft-sy kid in your life!

Activity Guide for The Iridescence of Birds: 
I’m going to throw in a couple here, since art is so fun!
Shaving Cream Marbling: One of my favorite activities! This will help your kid make art in the Henri Matisse style the very first time! Click HERE.

More fun activities (I was blown away by the drill one, I can’t wait to try that myself!):
Click HERE. 
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