Time to have fun!

Hi-ho Book Buddies!


I’m on a mission. I want to make sure kids LOVE, LOVE, LOVE (times infinity) to read! I want theirĀ earliest years to be exposed to fun, diverse, educational picture books that rock their worlds! I want kids to be so engaged with reading, they can’t put a book down and they BEG to go to the library.

This mission starts with the people they see everyday. (Pssst…that’s YOU!) So I thought to myself, “How can I serve these teachers/librarians/homeschoolers/parents so they can give the lifelong joy of reading to their cool kids?” Then BAM! It hit me! “They need ONE place they can get book recommendations, activities and guides that help them engage with their kids on the daily!”

So welcome to my site where you will find all that yumminess…and more! This content is immediately ready for you to use in your library story times, classrooms, or even at home!

Of course, you’ll stay updated with my book news and even get to buy cool stuff from my store. But I’m really here to serve you. Welcome and stay awhile. It’s time to get kids BINGINGĀ ON BOOKS!

Much love & reading,


Quirky Things

About Me You Might Want to Know (or not). It’s all cool!

I can do a pretty rad chicken dance.

I hi-five myself!

I may burst out into song at any moment.

I like to do sound effects while other people are talking to make it seem more dramatic.