This elephant really packs a sneeze!

Fiction Review & Guide: “Stand Back,” Said the Elephant, “I’m Going to Sneeze!” by Patricia Thomas. Pics by Wallace Tripp

Hi-ho Book Buddy!

We’re going to jump back in time and review this Seussian classic, “Stand Back,” Said the Elephant. “I’m Going to Sneeze!” Sure, it’s a long title but it matches the long, poetic text that follows an elephant on the verge of a sneeze.

If you’re thinking, “So what? A sneeze can’t be that bad.” THINK AGAIN. This elephant blows the stripes off of zebras, the hair off of bears, the wings off of bees, and blows monkeys out of the trees. Unfortunately, that’s only the beginning!

Classic books tend to have longer texts, and this one is no exception, but it is fulfilling in a way that only classic picture books are: It’s charming, educational, and fun.

This rollicking book is hilarious, teaches kids about animals, and what happens when you try to scare an elephant out of his sneeze. Hint: Don’t.

You can purchase this book right over HERE. Or get it at your local library for free!

Activity Guide for “Stand Back,” Said the Elephant, “I’m Going to Sneeze!” 
Since this book is a classic, it has some words that kids may not be as familiar with. This is great because we are building on that vocabulary, yo!
There’s also a fun “match the prints with the animal” that will further explore the animal characters in this book.
Download your activity HERE. 

Happy Reading!